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We buy used and unplayed records and memorabilia by appointment in NJ

"We come to You"

call or text (732) 804-8115


When you sell a record collection, we typically pay from $2 to $5 for strong-selling LPs. Please Note: while many LPs are of great interest to us, the vast majority of those in today's market have little to no monetary value. The fastest and easiest way of determining the general value of your collection is to call us.

We are always looking for sought-after titles, and there are some rarities that fetch $20 to $50 or more. Those records, we do pay more then $3 for. On the other hand, there are some LPs that we can not use at all because they are scratched, weak-sellers, or we have too many of them. LPs that are scratched badly, scuffed, or moldy we are not interested in. When we offer to buy a record collection, we base our offer on supply and demand, conditions of vinyl and cover, as well as other market conditions.

We buy rock, heavy metal, jazz, alternative, soul, disco, reggae, funk and other genres of music.

We do not buy classical, opera, pop like Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, Montovani, showtunes, soft rock, big band, Christmas, polka.

As far as 45's. Looking for pre 1985 punk, garage, heavy metal, obscure soul & classic rock picture sleeves.

As far as 78's. We rarely buy them. Looking for rock & blues only.


7 factory reel tapes with picture of artist on the box (not home made tapes)

paying $5-10 for easy listening, opera, soft rock, soul, classical, Sinatra, show tunes, big band

Offering $10 and up for some classic rock, hard rock & jazz


Buying new & used 10 metal reel to reel tapes. Paying $8-$20


Buy clean reel to reel players. working or not. Looking for post 1976 players that take 10 reels

Also seek HUB adapters & METAL take-up reels for players


AUDIO EQUIPMENT - Wanted: tube and solid state audio equipment - amps/receivers, speakers, reel to reel decks, high end CD players & turntables in clean condition. Working or not. Names like McIntosh, Marantz, Scott, Fisher, Heathkit and other brands.


WANTED: Guitars, bass, saxophones, tube amplifiers, portable organ & pianos. Old school fuzz, phaser, wah wah, echo-plex, guitar effect pedals & units.

Pre 1985 musical instruments

WANTED: We buy used and new audio cassettes. Factory pre-recorded and blank (chrome, metal, high bias, BASF, Maxell, TDK, etc.)

Also buying large CD collections

Questions? Write to deadendrecords@comcast.net

call or text (732) 804-8115